Apply IPO Offline

How To apply IPO Offline?

IPO is the Initial Public Offer by any company to raise fund, here we are many focusing on how to apply IPO offline.


There are two ways to apply IPO:

  1. Online – Easy method
  2. Offline – Bit hard method

Eligibility Criteria to Apply IPO:

  1. An investor should be Indian
  2. Must be Adult (18+ age)
  3. Must have valid PAN card
  4. Must have an active Demat account
  5. Must have a bank account

The benefit of apply IPO Offline is that the amount deducted from your account only when your check is received & processed.

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How To Apply IPO Offline:

There are some investors who like to apply IPO offline, though it is not easy as of online method.

Steps for apply IPO offline.
  1. Contact the local broker or Demat agent.
  2. Request IPO form(Free of cost)
  3. Fill up all details like personal, Demat and IPO bid details
  4. attach the cheque with the same amount as of bid value
  5. submit the form.

You can also apply IPO by submitting the form directly to the bank

  1. Download the application form from NSE/BSE website
  2. Fill up all details like personal, Demat and IPO bid details
  3. Submit the form to nearest ASBA participating bank.

How To Apply IPO Online:

This is the easiest method to apply IPO, you simply need to attach or link your Demat account with bank ASBA. ASBA means Application Supported by Blocked Amount. the best thing this about option is you need not to pay any amount till you get the allotment of shares.

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